Businesswoman pushing Service button on touch screen.

  • FACE TO FACE MEETINGS and PERSONAL INTERACTION suited to the clients needs.
  • OBJECTIVE FINANCIAL ADVICE from professionals paid to manage assets and accounts … NOT to sell securities. We also take the time to carefully review your investment objectives with you and establish an investment program to suit your needs.
  • QUALIFIED, PROFESSIONAL, and EXPERIENCED personnel. We have 11 administrative officers with over 100 years of combined trust and investment experience.
  • HIGHLY COMPETITIVE FEES charged on a “hard dollar” basis rather than hidden in yields, commissions, or premiums.
  • AUTOMATED CASH SWEEPING of all interest, dividends, maturing and sold securities so that clients’ assets are never uninvested.
  • ACCOUNT REPORTING itemizing all transactions in the account along with a tax summary report at the end of the year to assist your accountant with filing your annual tax returns.
  • BILL PAYING services to allow for payment of routine bills, insurance premiums, tax estimates, etc.
  • SIZE that allows for greatly reduced security trading costs.
  • HIGH DEGREE OF REGULATION (e.g. FDIC, Kansas State Banking Commissioner, IRS, Independent Auditors) ensures prudent management.
  • PEACE OF MIND. Unlike individual trustees, corporations don’t get sick, become senile, or die; we will always be there – ready, willing, and able.
  • MANAGING TRUSTS and assisting our clients is our FULL TIME and ONLY JOB; we won’t become distracted by competing personal or business concerns, as might an individual trustee.
  • OBJECTIVITY. We are an independent party doing only what is best for our clients; we have no other special interests to protect. We are able to remain objective and impartial should conflicts arise within the family.
  • IMPORTANT CUSTODIAL SERVICES provided to protect your assets such as monitoring and responding to corporate reorganizations, stock splits, filing dividend claims, and ensuring the correct amount of income is received from your assets.