Mutual Funds

Advantage Trust Company acts as manager of investment managers and has developed a screening process involving over 30,500 mutual funds. We screen all kinds of funds, load, no-load and institutional, and have the ability to offer the best of them directly to our clients on a no-load and low internal fee basis. Among the criteria we use in our screening process are investment performance relative to peer groups and corresponding indices, ratings by recognized investor services, longevity of portfolio management team, internal expense ratio, and consistency of performance. We then continually monitor the funds to insure that we are always investing our client’s money in funds that best fit our various parameters. Our trust company’s large asset size enables us to invest in any selected load or institutional-only funds on a no-load basis.
We believe investment risk is reduced when equity money is exposed to all sectors of the stock market. Therefore, our mutual fund process will select stock mutual funds for value style investors and stock mutual funds for growth style investors. We further will select funds ranging from those consisting of large company (large cap) stocks all the way down to funds consisting of small company (small cap) stocks. We also select funds containing international stocks. We will establish an allocation between the various approved funds based on our clients’ objectives and needs. We then continually monitor the allocation and will adjust it as our clients’ needs and/or economic conditions change.